The Stylist Assistant

I started styling with little knowledge of the industry. I knew I always had a passion for fashion but didn't know where I stood in this big industry. My first photoshoot was very low key but I had finally got my foot wet. The second was a happy mess the vibe was electric and I was helping a friend for her line. The third was a bit of a challenge. This was the shoot that made me decide to reach out to other stylist. In the beginning of summer I reached out to a ton of stylist/agencies to land an internship. Unfortunately it was a slow period and I didn't get any response. So I went ahead with organizing my first shoot. I was progressing but I was lacking some serious on hand experience.

So when I started following Rachael on IG I decided to reach out to her. We meet on Sunday morning to pull pieces for a creative the following day. I learned so much about polices, etiquette, what time to shop, malls to go to and much more. On the day of the shoot I saw her create. From tearing off fake flowers from a shoe to mixing colours and textures. She really inspired me to continue to believe in myself and create realities/narratives.

Overall experience don’t give up or be afraid to reach out to other people in your industry. Also even if you don’t believe you can teach someone something the experience alone will be beneficial. Keep an eye open for styling based content like “what’s a stylist kit” 

Keep Styling,