You may be asking what is Afrofuturism? Many different people have many different ideas when this word is being said. For me it is an artistic style I didn’t know I needed in my life. So you guys remember how I’m on this journey to find my Blk girl magic? Yup, still going through it. The reason I brought this up y journey is because I feel as if discovering this art form/concept has really inspire to look at life differently. To look at my original home land differently.

Afrofuturism looks at the past, the present, and the future. It combines the flow of time through images, sounds, text and even mindset. As I’ve learned more about Afrofuturism the more I wanted to represent it in my work.

Due to it still developing in the artistic form I didn't really know how to go about styling and creatively directing a shoot. Until someone highlighted a great example Solange’s Cranes in the sky music video. As soon as I saw this my mind overflowed with ideas. Here is my interpretation of Afrofuturism via images. (Haven’t gotten all the photos back) 

Keep Styling,