Social Detox

Do you every just get sick of social media? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to a frenemy? Or you’re always checking up on an ex? 

It’s time for a social media detox. A lot of people don’t realize the effects SM has on their lives. Take it from a personal who build a personal and manages a brand as a SM manager, a detox is necessary. I always start my detox by blocking/unfollowing people who don’t add to my life in a positive way. Protect your energy people! Trust me you’ll feel lighter.

After that step I take a hard look at my content on SM. If I feel like the text or image doesn’t reflect my current self I delete it. I’m always trying to show my truest self. 

The last step is to take a break. Sign out of all your accounts, Heck delete the apps off your phone. Take time off to replenish your energy and reconnect with yourself and the important people around you. You’ll realize all those things that seemed important no longer hold the same urgency. 

I once read that someone saying “Sorry I’ve been absence on social media. I’m too busy creating a reality than trying to portray one online” Don’t get caught up with edits of people. Trust me all these images are altered so don’t compare yourself to anyone aside from your old self. 

  1. Block and Unfollow negative people in your life 
  2. Delete old content 
  3. Log out/ Delete apps 

Follow these three easy tips for any time desired and I'm sure you'll feel a shift in your overall mood. 

Keep Styling,